OH MY GOD, y’all! I just discovered that there are bunnies living on the grounds of the office complex which houses the newspaper where I work. I literally just spent like 27 minutes staring out the the window of the lunch room when I should have been working, just watching a bunny eating some grass. I mean, you’d think that I would have gotten bored after that long but my tolerance for watching bunnies do bunny things is shockingly high. On that same note you might think that the bunny would have gotten bored of eating grass while being ogled through a window by a crazy woman but, in his defense, he wasn’t eating the whole time, and also, I don’t think he saw me. I’m pretty sure he wasn’t one of those voyeuristic rabbits that “likes it when you watch”, although I have no way of confirming that. We did not share any significant eye contact, while he munched on grass and silently told me, with his smoldering bunny gaze, that it was totally cool if I wanted to keep watching him, I feel like that might have made things weird between the bunny and I. But yeah, as high as my tolerance for staring at bunnies is, his tolerance for eating grass and occasionally hopping about seemed to be about that same. In that, there was no awkwardness with vaguely sexual undertones between the bunny and I. I hope we can visit again soon.


One thought on “BUNNIES!!!!!

  1. I have a couple of bunny stories for you. I used to live in Long Beach, CA; the first story is about the Long Beach Airport bunnies. Those bunnies used to hang out at the beginning of the runway. You could see them sitting nearby and it always gave me a kick to see them. Unfortunately, they were mostly deaf, due to the jets winding up their engines prior to take off. As the airport expanded and construction of other buildings commenced, the bunnies were relocated.

    The second story involves Long Beach City College. The college had a large population of bunnies and every year, after Easter, the population would grow. It seems that little kids who got baby bunnies at Easter time, soon grew tired of them and the parents of said kids would take the rabbits and discard them at the school. If you were driving past the school after dark, there would be loads of bunny ears sticking up as they munched on the lawn of Long Beach City College.

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